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From the Frontline Summer Edition 2013

Here is the "From the Frontline" newsletter I publish quarterly during the school year.

"From the Frontline" - Summer Vacation 2013 Internet Safety and Digital Ethics

eNews briefs for students, parents and professionals living, learning and teaching in the digital world.

It's the "end of the school year" issue of the Frontline. We'll talk trends and new choices for your social media needs. Trending nation wide is the revelation of instrusion into our personal privacy by both government and private sectors. Digital Ethics have vaulted to the forefront in mainstream media. We've got some summer activities for you and your kids.
It's also a good time to take stock of just what you are doing on social media, how is your privacy being compromised and the big IF it's all worth it in the long run. And for you purists... MySpace is on a comeback!

1.  The Interactive History of Social Media- "Infographics are a hot item across the web. Enjoy this visual tour with a little history.

2.  9 Social Media Trends You Need to Know About for 2013 - A+++ article for keeping up with what's trending in social media.

3.  Kids' Apps and Games to Make Summer Days Fun - Kids have fun this summer

4.  Facebook's Online Speech Rules Keep Users On A Tight Leash - "Our job is to manage the rules that determine what content is unacceptable on Facebook and also, obviously, what is acceptable,"

5.  "My Advice to Teens about Instagram" -  Instagram is trending more than Facebook!  Kids love it. This is an important read for kids and parents.
BONUS: How to report cyberbullying on instagram

6.  Myspace reborn: Hands on with a social networking comeback - "....But in September 2012, Myspace announced a total overhaul and redesign. A flashy video trailer starring Justin Timberlake showed off a fresh, side-scrolling layout, with large pictures, a music player, and a new way to interact with other Myspace users. People started talking and headed over to the site to request early access to the new Myspace beta site. Everyone wanted in, but invitations were scarce.
Myspace was suddenly cool again."

7.  Surveillance Nation - "Webcams, tracking devices, and interlinked databases are leading to the elimination of unmonitored public space. Are we prepared for the consequences of the intelligence-gathering network we’re unintentionally building?

BONUS LINK: Washington Post: "U.S. mining data from 9 leading Internet firms; companies deny knowledge"  We've known and taught for years that there are suspect tracking and privacy intrusions across the landscape. It's now hitting home.  Add in The Affordable Care Act and IRS enforcement and it's time to take your privacy seriously.

8.  Path, a More Personal Social Networking App, Is Adding 1 Million - Instagram led the way... now more players are coming online.

9.  The Secret Behind the “Like” Button
- Your privacy and your data.... pretty much gone if you are living on Facebook. Is 1984 a reality in 2013?

10.  How to Hide Facebook Posts - Not just from your boss, but from anyone you don't want seeing your posts.

Parent-Teachers Corner:

11.  Promote Digital Citizenship….10 Ideas For Rich Academic Student Discussions On The Internet- Promote Digital Citizenship….10 Ideas For Rich Academic Student Discussions On The Internet

12.  Strategies for Teaching Students to Critically Validate Online Information - Evaluating web pages is an ongoing skill for all of us...

13.  "How do I stop my kids from multitasking?" - Do your kids do homework with the cellphone sitting nearby distracting them? Here are some tips

14.  SnapChats are NOT Private! - you can use this technique to save those snapchat pics you sent to your friend that you THINK are not being saved!!! BEWARE.

15.  What Facebook Home Means for Your Kids - "Facebook's new Home interface turns your kid's smartphone into an "always on" social experience. Here's what you need to know."

BONUS Link: You've Heard of for checking web hoaxes? - Hoax Slayer is another source to check on all the bogus stuff you get in your mailbox or posts by your friends on Facebook!  ALWAYS check before you share or post something that sounds too good or too stupid to be real.

Happy Summer everyone... and to the many parents, patrons and stakeholders that have been blessed with good teachers...
Here's an article on "just saying thanks"
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"From the Frontline" is a news brief with current news about all things Internet Safety and Digital Ethics. 
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Compiled by Instructional Technology Resource Teacher Joe Showker of Rockingham County Schools in Virginia.

Showker is on the National Advisory Board member @ and is an admin member of the Harrisonburg Police Department Auxiliary - Special Operations

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