Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall 2014 Frontline

"From the Frontline" - Back to School Edition Digital Ethics and Internet Safety - 

News briefs for students, parents and professionals living, learning and teaching in the digital world

  The fall leaves are beginning to turn color here in the Shenandoah Valley and we're all reminded of how blessed we are to live, teach and serve the public good in this community.  This issue of the FRONTLINE brings us back to school and for October - National CyberSecurity Month.  We live in a world full of risks. Digital risks are a part of our national and personal lives. I'll link some interesting videos on the topic of cyber security for starters.   

We've got links on social media for teachers including Pinterest pages.  Enjoy several "visual guide" graphics, teens and tweens information and finishing up with some "drama" thoughts and a special feature about 24/7 digital devices.

  1.  National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2014 - "As a nation, we face constant cyber threats against our critical infrastructure and economy. As individuals, cybersecurity risks can threaten our finances, identity, and privacy. "
 2. A Cybersecurity Threat That Could Be Lurking On Your Phone - "Security company  announces a privacy breach posed by smartphone flashlight apps. It's a specific call-in, but the concept of privacy and apps is VITAL.” This is important not just for this app, but all apps you install. Think twice about giving them access to all your info. on your phone.
  Snopes report:  

While we're talking about cybersecurity... Passwords! Your best security is a strong password!  "Your online password is 123456? Good luck with that" - Going the extra mile? This article is for you.  

3.  A Great Guide on Teaching Students About Digital Footprint  -  "I deemed it imperative that I share with my fellow teachers and educators  a guide I have worked on for the last couple of weeks. "  

4.  A Design Your Digital Tattoo: Helping Students Build Their Digital Image -  From the ISTE National Conference a seminar on "Digital Tattoo" ... a new term for describing digital footprints.  

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mega site for digital ethics...

I found this gem via's top 10 digital ethics bloggers list...
"Connecting with other educators online is an integral part of being a 21st century educator. Sharing tips, tools, and ideas can help you organize your thoughts as well as your classroom! Here are 10 of our favorite digital citizenship bloggers to follow in 2014."

This is my favorite on the list above...

The internet catalogue for students, teachers, administrators & parents. Over 20,000 relevant links personally selected by an educator/author with over 30 years of experience.

New York DOE rolls out social media guidelines

Catching up with Virginia and moving beyond. NY state is getting it right.
Wednesday, January 15, 2014

NYC DOE paves the way to embrace social media for learning

"While places like New Jersey, who the New York Daily News recently reported, have passed a bill requiring schools to teach acceptable use of social media, cyber safety, cyber security, ethics, and cyberbullying, the NYC Department of Education goes even further. As evidenced in their newly released student social media guidelines, they recognize the importance of social media beyond just using social media responsibly. They understand that students can embrace social media for social good, as a way to celebrate our stories, as a tool to create a positive online identity leading to college and career success, and as a way to build powerful learning networks. "

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Educational Apps and Help Lists for Teachers/Parents

Amplify Guide to K-12 Android Apps

Amplify has partnered with Common Sense Media to curate a set of the best educational apps available for Android. We continuously update this list to ensure it includes the latest and greatest apps for students.

Also the following links are good for "mobile" apps and Google

Google on your IOS devices
Google on your Droid devices
Google “on the go” mobile and moving from different computers

Monday, December 16, 2013

New ITRT Page is Rich in Content

Visit us at:
Visit my new Rockingham County Public Schools ITRT page.  It's rich in content for instructional use, student and parent use. 

There are many drop down menus with digital ethics content including the CURRENT editions of my published "From the Frontline" newsletter.

Cellphones and Texting Data

So much is in the news these days about cellphone use.  Texting while driving or DWIt is a huge issue now for all of us that have cellphones. Click here to visit this new and informative site Texting and Driving
Privacy, GPS tracking, snapchat, bullying, sexting are other topics that concern users. Here are several great links to spend a little time on if you want to use your phone safely.
For Parents:
For Students:

Monday, September 16, 2013

How productive are you with social media tools?

Great reads on social media and effective teacher tools.  Lot's of carry over into BYOD and use of digital devices in the classroom.

Trending Reasons to Teach Social Media in Schools

"Users of this media have to be savvy. Being literate in social media is an essential skill for the future workforce.
“We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media. The question is how well we do it.”  –Erick Qualman
These stats aren’t new, but they are still impressive.
50% of the world’s population is under 30. These are high-end social media users.
96% of the Millennials belong to a social network.
Facebook tops Google in weekly traffic.
1 in 8 couples married in the U.S. met through social media."

"....these teacher tools are useful for a variety of reasons. Most save students and teachers time while some simply make it easier to connect with others. Whatever you’re looking for, make sure you know about these apps and web tools before stepping foot into the classroom. These tools can be used as part of your ‘teacher toolkit’ or ‘arsenal’ depending on how aggressive you view your teaching style."

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ethical co-existance on social media and blog threads

This is a great article from The Guardian on how to be a good citizen in a social media or blog thread.  Kudos to our local school board member for posting this himself after a question and answer post got a little testy.

"There are 10 simple guidelines which we expect all participants in the community areas of the Guardian website to abide by, all of which directly inform our approach to community moderation (detailed below). These apply across the site, while moderation decisions are also informed by the context in which comments are made."

From the Frontline Summer Edition 2013

Here is the "From the Frontline" newsletter I publish quarterly during the school year.

"From the Frontline" - Summer Vacation 2013 Internet Safety and Digital Ethics

eNews briefs for students, parents and professionals living, learning and teaching in the digital world.

It's the "end of the school year" issue of the Frontline. We'll talk trends and new choices for your social media needs. Trending nation wide is the revelation of instrusion into our personal privacy by both government and private sectors. Digital Ethics have vaulted to the forefront in mainstream media. We've got some summer activities for you and your kids.
It's also a good time to take stock of just what you are doing on social media, how is your privacy being compromised and the big IF it's all worth it in the long run. And for you purists... MySpace is on a comeback!

1.  The Interactive History of Social Media- "Infographics are a hot item across the web. Enjoy this visual tour with a little history.

2.  9 Social Media Trends You Need to Know About for 2013 - A+++ article for keeping up with what's trending in social media.

3.  Kids' Apps and Games to Make Summer Days Fun - Kids have fun this summer

Friday, May 3, 2013

May is Digital Ethics Month in California

Common Sense Media continues to shine in the ethics field. Their main link

Their media is top drawer.  Here are new media resources