Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Pew Internet study looks at use of digital devices at home and at school.

  • 73% of AP and NWP teachers say that they and/or their students use their mobile phones in the classroom or to complete assignments
  • 45% report they or their students use e-readers and 43% use tablet computers in the classroom or to complete assignments

Some more interesting numbers:

  • 92% "say the internet has a 'major impact' on their ability to access content, resources, and materials for their teaching," but 41% say that "major impact" means it requires more work for them to be an effective teacher, 69% say the “major impact” is on their ability to share ideas with other teachers, 67% say that impact is on their ability to interact with parents, and 57% say it the impact is on enabling their interaction with students. 
  • 79% have their students access assignments online and 76% have students submit assignments online. 
  • 62% of the teachers surveyed "feel their school does a 'good job' supporting teachers’ efforts to bring digital tools into the learning process, and 68% say their school provides formal training in this area." 
  • 85% of teachers "seek out their own opportunities to learn new ways to effectively incorporate these tools into their teaching."

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