Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Get Everyone in the Box!

In our introductory faculty meetings, we're demonstrating the BYOT concept and our new cellphone policy.  Our mindset is to not think outside the box... rather, make the box so large EVERYONE can be in it!
We're doing some introductory activities in the 30 minute meeting using QR code readers, Socrative quiz app, and even ChaCha for those with flip phones and non-smartphones.

Links on the topic of BYOT...

  • Info graphic on Personalized Learning in 2012
  •   - "Today’s K-12 students tap into a wide range of tech tools for personalized learning— both in and out of school. Parents support digital learning to prepare their children for the future. See how technology enables new and customized learning that is socially- based, un-tethered and digitally-rich."

  • Apple's top iPad apps for 2012
  •   - "This year’s list includes some of the most highly rated apps, both by teachers and by Apple, and features a range that spans from simple math games to a revolutionary special-education app, and from 3D imaging of the elements included in the periodic table to secure file sharing for students and teachers."

  • Speak Up 2011 National Findings K-12 Students & Parents - "Students are adopting technologies and then adapting them to support their own self-directed learning. For example, 1 in 10 high school students have Tweeted about an academic topic. 46% of students have used Facebook as a collaboration tool for schoolwork."

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