Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cellphones Empower Crime, Spoofing, Riots

Social media to blame for Lamar High School ‘riot’
One school is dealing with just how effective a cellphone can be to start a riot in their school.
"...He said the seven students who were punished were found to have instigated the incident using social media. He said the administration tracked them down through interviews with students, watching security tapes and reviewing Twitter posts, particularly those “creating a buzz” about it beforehand."
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The Untraceable Man
" To spoof means to appear from somewhere or someone else than the original and true number so basically by spoofing a SMS message the receiver of it will not know it is from you and basically you can make it appear to come from any number you want. Use your imagination with this one because it is quite fun. The real problem is that they usually cannot respond to your message as most of the SMS spoofing services are offered online"

SpoofApp: Fake Your Caller ID and Voice on the iPhone
SpoofApp is a native application for the Apple iPhone that lets callers pretend they are calling from a phone number other than the one they are actually calling from.

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